Please watch this video to get a brief glimpse of what happens with a Bridges training event.

This enthusiasm for learning how to share God’s Word through the oral arts is repeated with every new SIU field partner we add to our efforts. With approximately 90% of the remaining unreached, unengaged people groups living in oral cultures, SIU and others in the Orality Movement are working to multiply the training of grassroots disciple makers, such as the ones in this video, so that the Great Commission can be completed within our lifetime!

Will you help us to finish the task of the Great Commission in oral cultures, will you help a  storyteller?

Please pray today about giving a gift to this life-transforming global movement, then visit our support page at Thank you!

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    • Kent Kiefer
      Kent Kiefer says:

      Thank you for your response, Melissa. We currently use three main sources for our updating our field statistics and people group research:

      The Joshua Project found at

      International Orality Network (ION) as part of the Lausanne Movement found at:

      The Issachar Initiative found at:

      These three organizations continue to revise and adjust their field statistics and people groups with the worldwide Kingdom Building efforts of multiple cross-cultural ministries collaborating together. In many of the hard to reach UUPGs that we are now partnering with, we are seeing 98-99% (almost 100% non-literacy) and that trend continues as we pioneer into new areas. Hope you find this helpful and continued blessings on your work at Cru & Storyrunners. In Christ, Kent

  1. Dan Vannelli
    Dan Vannelli says:

    What a terrific video. In fact we’ve watched all 4 – to include Ryan and Rupak, Alemayehu and Prakash. collectively they are a powerful witness to the efficacy of the Bridges training model and how they work across all cultures from Africa to South Asia and beyond. Having personally witnessed its effectiveness for than 12 years in the field, and how effectively the model multiplies itself, it is very gratifying to hear how it continues to grow from the field leaders and trainers themselves. May God continue to bless the work being accomplished by the SIU Team and its many global partners.

  2. cosmas
    cosmas says:

    I have watch a few videos and find their effectiveness.It is a great facilitator of training the people about Christ.
    God bless SIU.

    • Kent Kiefer
      Kent Kiefer says:

      Greetings Cosmas,
      Thanks for taking the time to watch our videos and if you have an opportunity, please take our “Bridges Online” course found at
      We do believe “the Jesus Model of the 1st Century” (finding men and women of peace and using parables and stories in their mother-tongue heart language) will continue to be most effective in the 21st century as well.

      God bless, Kent


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