The Dialogue Style of Jesus

The Dialogue Style of Jesus

We are truly blessed that the founders of SIU, Jim and Carla Bowman, are still actively involved in our ministry by praying for us and providing much-needed guidance and insight. The Lord has led them into a new season of bustling, but enjoyable retirement, still bringing glory to His name. This month’s blog entry is part one of a new series on the distinctives of SIU’s Oral Bible Strategy, developed as the Lord guided our founders to create the foundation of what SIU has now become. The Bowmans share…

Regional Gatherings of Maturing Leaders…

Every once in a while, as the Lord leads our efforts here at SIU, a window of opportunity opens up for one of our Bridges Training Networks, networks of proven ministry partners in Asia or Africa, to bring regional indigenous leaders together for a Round Table or Regional Summit. At these events, attending leaders share what the Lord is revealing in their communities, discuss what local groups of oral Bible churches and fellowships face as they implement the Bridges strategy, pray and seek the Lord together, and encourage one another as they face much persecution …

Lives Transformed by the Gospel

Lives are truly being transformed by the Gospel through our SIU Field Partners (courageous “Men and Women of Peace”). As they practice Storying and the Oral Arts, they are creating, multiplying and replicating indigenous church-planting and disciple-making movements around the world. What’s amazing is that we believe the numbers reported are conservative.

Overcoming Fears to Reach Our Neighbors

One of the things our SIU team looks forward to the most is hearing new testimonies of impact from people who attend one of our Bridges training events held around the world. We know these testimonies will be coming, and to be honest, I kind of get giddy with excitement waiting for them to be shared. (Giddy is probably an old school term, but oh well, I am getting up in years.) These new stories of transformed lives…

journey - simple, organic, reproducible

Simple. Organic. Reproducible.

As I traveled to a number of missions conferences last year, I so enjoyed meeting missionaries with different personality types, ages and lengths of service, with some having served 30, even 40 years in a foreign field. They were each unique and their callings different, yet they had learned many similar patterns in their journey with God to furthering His Kingdom.

Triple Gift

“God with Us, Emmanuel” the Greatest Story Ever Told

This Christmas, as we celebrate the Lord coming to earth to redeem His people and be with us for eternity (“God with Us, Emmanuel”), we are so excited to see new movements of local, indigenous leaders in unreached, unengaged regions of Southeast Asia. One recent Bridges For Neighbors training participant shared…

southeast asia

Your year-end gift to reach the lost in Southeast Asia will be tripled!

One of our Bridges training teams just returned from Southeast Asia and reported that their equipping of local grassroots leaders to present Bible stories through storytelling, drama, music, dance and song (i.e., the Oral Arts) was a tremendous success. There was so much excitement during and after their training events, and many of the local indigenous leaders who attended have already …


Getting Resources to the Least Reached

“I’m shocked and saddened when I hear that less than 1/100 of .1% (which equates to .0001) of the world’s annual charitable giving goes to places in the world needing the gospel the most.

Did you hear that?

That’s less than $1 of every $10,000 of charitable giving dollars going to those people across the world—currently estimated to number 3.1 billion—who have never heard about Jesus and His gift of salvation.

This means that those people groups who are unreached are NOT receiving the resources needed to make an eternal difference in their lives. Please watch this brief video produced by Reality Global in collaboration with the Joshua Project and other mission-focused organizations for an eye-opening look at this serious issue.


Discovering God’s Truth Through Story

Have you ever had one of those moments in which you get so excited about discovering a new truth that it causes you to look at things entirely differently? Your pulse quickens, your eyes light up and something that seemed so distant and non-personal suddenly becomes like it was meant … just for YOU! Our missionary trainers love to …


Contagious, Passionate Disciples? Where are They?

Contagious, passionate followers of Jesus! Have you ever met one? You know it when you do. Recently one of our pioneering SIU partners from Nepal came through town to visit our team and other U.S. organizations that support his overseas ministry. He is a soft-spoken, humble “Man of Peace” who smiles often. The light of Christ and the joy of the Lord are evident in his life. He and his leadership team from Nepal are doing something unique in that they …