The Persecuted Church: Counting the Cost

The Persecuted Church: Counting the Cost

“We count our material possessions of no value as we have the Lord of the universe on our side! HE is our provider of ALL.” It is easy to believe these words when we are in a place of comfort, but what about from a place of great loss? Many of our SIU partners have lost their homes, communities, workplaces, and family as a result of following Jesus. Some will even have to flee their homes with nothing more than the clothes on their back. Right now, there are communities of believers huddled in safe houses worshipping and praising God while their persecutors search for them. . . .

Windows of Giving Opportunities with the COVID-19 Pandemic

“Are you qualified to receive Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) from Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) as charitable donations?” One of our faithful supporters asked me when I was contacted by them the other day.

“Yes, we are,” I replied. “We recommend you seek the help of your tax advisor in making your decision. If you decide to give to SIU, we are a qualified 501(c)(3) and can receive your charitable donation. We will put your gift to good use based on where you would like it go.”

Storytelling and Biblical Accuracy

This month we continue a series of periodical posts focusing on the distinctives of SIU’s church planting and disciple-making approach written by our founders, Jim and Carla Bowman.

Anju has just finished telling the Woman of Tekoa story (2 Samuel 14) in front of the whole class. The participants clap enthusiastically calming Anju’s fears and greatly encouraging her. The Trainer speaks up. “Anju thank you so much. That was fantastic.” Turning to another participant he says, “Asha, I know you were Anju’s mentor for this story. Did she tell the story exactly as it appears in your Bible?” After a hushed silence, Asha smiles and says proudly, “I read the text silently while Anju spoke. Every word was perfect.”

Stories are the Language of the Heart

We have had such a positive response and so much encouraging feedback from those who have recently received our 2020 Annual Report that we would like to share another story and some highlights. We continue to celebrate our God – the God who never sleeps and is never taken by surprise. Our God knew this global pandemic was coming, and He opened hearts, minds and new doors through the telling and retelling of HIS Stories in the heart language of His people…from the living, active Word of God! Read more….

Storytelling Express

Nothing can stop the advance of the Gospel!

We are extremely excited to announce that our 2020 Annual Report has arrived and is in the mail to our faithful financial supporters! Our team spent much time praying and deliberating, collaborating on content and design, and searching through our partner field stories from 2020. We are celebrating our God – the God who never sleeps and is never taken by surprise. Our God knew this global pandemic was coming, and He opened hearts, minds and new doors to advance the Gospel! Read more….

Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

This time of the year is a special season for our Muslim friends and families as they observe their holy month of Ramadan, April 13 – May 12. Fasting, prayer, giving, and blessings are key elements of these 30 days as Muslims gather with their families in local communities around the world. There is a growing number of ministries around the world with a heart for reaching Muslims with the love of Christ. SIU is one of those ministries – every people group, “ethne”, to be reached – every tribe, tongue, nation and people will worship our Lord when He returns. That is our future and will always be a part of our calling, culture and values at SIU.

To Yield a Hundredfold

Seeking Courageous Men and Women

Scriptures In Use (SIU) has sustained a vision to reach unreached, unengaged and underserved populations around the world for more than 35 years. SIU trainers come alongside church planters and other believers among oral cultures, training them to use oral Bible strategies that are simple, effective, and easily reproducible to reach their local communities and to go to the unreached in their region and beyond. Billions of people have not yet heard God’s great story. Opportunities abound. We want to mobilize for God’s Great Commission and are seeking courageous men and women to join us as we partner with fellow believers around the world.

“He Always Taught with Love”

He Always Taught with Love

One of our long-standing, beloved partners in West Africa, Rene Mbongo, recently passed into Glory to be with our Lord Jesus for eternity. His passing came suddenly due to the rapid onset of COVID-19 and complications associated with the virus. We are grieving his loss and praying for his wife, Faustine, children and grandchildren. Our Lord tells us in Psalm 116:15 (NIV):

“Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his faithful servants.”

We want to honor and give tribute to this man of peace and man of God who impacted many lives and shared Jesus and the Love of our Savior with so many.

Leveraging Partnerships for Kingdom Impact

Leveraging Partnerships for Kingdom Impact

Here at Scriptures In Use, we often talk about the need to stay “on task” and “in alignment” to our mission. We want to avoid the dreaded “Mission Drift” of trying to do too many things by ourselves, thus jeopardizing the accomplishment of our vision or causing it to fall by the wayside. One of the ways we do this is by finding ways to leverage the expertise and strengths of like-minded ministries. This maximizes the talent, time and treasure of all the people and organizations involved. The Lord has delivered such an opportunity for Scriptures In Use.

The “Light of the World”: Jesus - Merry Christmas!

The “Light of the World”: Jesus – Merry Christmas!

Our SIU team recently held a “Celebrate Christmas Together” virtual event over Zoom. We had lots of fun fellowshipping with one another and praising and thanking God because he has sent us a mighty Savior. We were overwhelmed with the presence of the Holy Spirit and His reminder of the many prophecies fulfilled in the coming of our Messiah, the Lord Jesus. One of our Missionary couples memorized the Christmas story (Luke 1.5-2.20) and as they storied it in our fellowship and prayer time, one part, sometimes called Zechariah’s Song, especially spoke to me. . . .