Getting Resources to the Least Reached

“I’m shocked and saddened when I hear that less than 1/100 of .1% (which equates to .0001) of the world’s annual charitable giving goes to places in the world needing the gospel the most.

Did you hear that?

That’s less than $1 of every $10,000 of charitable giving dollars going to those people across the world—currently estimated to number 3.1 billion—who have never heard about Jesus and His gift of salvation.

This means that those people groups who are unreached are NOT receiving the resources needed to make an eternal difference in their lives. Please watch this brief video produced by Reality Global in collaboration with the Joshua Project and other mission-focused organizations for an eye-opening look at this serious issue.


Discovering God’s Truth Through Story

Have you ever had one of those moments in which you get so excited about discovering a new truth that it causes you to look at things entirely differently? Your pulse quickens, your eyes light up and something that seemed so distant and non-personal suddenly becomes like it was meant … just for YOU! Our missionary trainers love to …


Contagious, Passionate Disciples? Where are They?

Contagious, passionate followers of Jesus! Have you ever met one? You know it when you do. Recently one of our pioneering SIU partners from Nepal came through town to visit our team and other U.S. organizations that support his overseas ministry. He is a soft-spoken, humble “Man of Peace” who smiles often. The light of Christ and the joy of the Lord are evident in his life. He and his leadership team from Nepal are doing something unique in that they …

Finding Rest

Finding rest?

As I write this month’s blog, our SIU missionary families are traveling across the United States, connecting with family, updating supporters, speaking at local churches, and generally trying to find some time to rest and refresh in between all their activities. Whew! It’s tiring! they are finding that with all the excitement of reconnecting with friends and family members, it is very hard, at times seemingly impossible, for finding rest! Our Lord, Jesus often would …


Flipping the Leadership Model “Upside-Down”

One of the most disheartening things I’ve seen in Western missions is leadership that continues to drive an attitude of “I know all the answers” and “I need to be the one making the decisions” and “Nothing happens without my being there, providing my input.” It really shames and dishonors local leaders, especially when the Western leader is trying to build relationships with nationals in overseas cultures with different contexts and social environments. These nationals are extremely bright and intuitive. They sense the arrogance and pride quickly, and they want nothing to do with it. This style of top-down leadership erodes empowerment and trust, and causes so many difficult, long-term issues. It’s the opposite of Jesus’s leadership approach. Let me explain …

"Woman of Peace"

A Ride on a Bus with a “Woman of Peace”

One of our recent Bridges trainings in Indonesia revealed a “woman of peace” who had a providential bus ride with a Muslim neighbor …


One Family at a Time, Transformed Lives

This blog contains an audio file of the true story of a young couple and how they experienced God’s love and transformed lives first-hand through the power of God’s divinely inspired Bible Stories and the living, active Word of God.


Every Believer is a “Storyteller”

I never get tired of seeing and hearing the excitement of a new group of believers who catch the vision of using storytelling (being a storyteller) and the oral arts to reach and disciple their families and communities with the gospel. It’s one of the most powerful, electrifying experiences to attend a Bridges training event! We recently received a video from one of our newest SIU partners in the harvest fields of the Democratic Republic of Congo…

childlike faith

For the Kingdom of God belongs to those…

Do you remember the days of your youth, where as a child you had such an excitement for learning, imagining, trying and believing in new things? I remember how much fun and exciting it was to play, imagine and act out stories with my school buddies. We would play for hours in the backyard or in the neighbors front yard, often making a lot of messes along the way (with a frequent, “clean that up after you’re done” statement from my parents). It seems we would run out of daylight way too soon, but our hearts and minds would keep going all the way to bedtime. (And often it would take some additional “storytelling” time to finally settle us down). That open, receptive-to-learning heart attitude of a child is something our God cherishes and speaks directly to….


How Long? A Parable of Persistence

What is your persistence like? How many of you are currently seeking and asking God for answers to your prayers? I know I am. I get impatient and often cry out to God, asking when He will move on my concerns, begging for intervention with His unending mercy, grace and love. I am desperate, on my knees often, broken in Spirit and wondering when He will hear and provide answers to what I’m seeking help for. Recently…