The Return of the Prodigal

In oral cultures as we train and equip indigenous grassroots leaders to share the Bible orally, we encounter young men who have experienced the loss of a father. Living in remote communities, under difficult conditions, their families have seen all types of persecution and suffering. They have witnessed genocide, sickness, and destruction which took many fathers’ lives. These leaders are now orphans and as such…

Great Value

The Pearl of “Great Value”

Have you ever lost something valuable to you…like your checkbook? Your wedding ring? Your car keys? Or your wallet? I think I’ve lost every one of those items at least once in my life. The feeling of not being able to find something valuable that’s been lost is one of the worst feelings I’ve experienced. OK, being pulled over by a police officer for a traffic ticket is pretty awful too. Perhaps you are like me when this happens. You search and then search some more. You retrace your steps and question your actions and just when you are about to give up…

real peace

Real Peace, is that Possible?

At this time, when there is so much civil hostility, intolerance, and anger in this country toward those who offer differing views and opinions, I understand why some people may be searching for and wanting to find peace. What’s interesting is that…


Treasures in Heaven

Living in the United States, I am consistently bombarded with advertisements about all the “things I’m missing out on that will make me and my life better.” Such as a recent TV commercial showing a person saving thousands on purchasing a new car for themselves vs. the neighbor next door who didn’t save that much while buying gifts for others.
That’s quite the message: Let’s just take care of ourselves with expensive toys and forget everyone else. What a sad, selfish perspective that penetrates our culture—and that way of thinking is opposite of what the Bible instructs.

power of story

The Power of “Story”

At Christmas, more than any other time of year, storytelling plays a major role in our lives. Children never tire of hearing the age-old stories that make the Christmas season so special. And when we gather with family, we love sharing stories of Christmases past and the feeling of nostalgia that these stories bring. In my family …

Unsung Hero

Be an Unsung Hero

Are there any “unsung heroes” in your life? You know, those who have worked faithfully, persistently behind the scenes to help you become who you are today. Perhaps a teacher believed in you when you didn’t believe in yourself. Or a coach encouraged you to strive for more. Or a family member took the time to help you achieve that impossible goal. In my own life….

Your Uniqueness and Courage to Act

Do you realize that God made you unique? Out of the 7.4 billion people currently alive on the earth (as well as the 108 billion or so who have lived and died before us) not one other human is (or has been) exactly like you. That uniqueness completely overwhelms my mind. It gives me a bigger perspective of how our creative and loving God has made each of us truly unique from the moment He designed us in our mother’s womb.

The Immeasurable Value of “Time”

Someone asked me the other day what is the most precious asset I have? I responded with the answer “my time”. How I spend it and the relationships I build is what matters most to me.

Dancing and Singing to the Lord

Dancing and Singing to the Lord

There were so many “Stories” of athletic perseverance, achievement, sacrifice and glory at the recent 2016 Summer Olympic Games held in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, but one in particular caught my attention as it was both inspiring and also a great reminder of how our God designed us for singing and praising Him as a natural part of our lives.

A Gospel for the “common man/woman”

I get really frustrated when a leader gets too complex in describing a topic that can be explained in a much simpler way. I’m not sure if that comes from an attitude of “I know more than you” or the “pride” element associated with attaining human knowledge but it is something that I believe we all need to work on. Simpler is truly better.