Below you will find field stories from our partners. Most are non native English speakers, we try to add the text as closely as we can without correction. You may be excited, saddened, or compelled by what you read. We hope you find the stories interesting and informative.

John 10:14-18 The Message (MSG)

14-18 “I am the Good Shepherd. I know my own sheep and my own sheep know me. In the same way, the Father knows me and I know the Father. I put the sheep before myself, sacrificing myself if necessary. You need to know that I have other sheep in addition to those in this pen. I need to gather and bring them, too. They’ll also recognize my voice. Then it will be one flock, one Shepherd. This is why the Father loves me: because I freely lay down my life. And so I am free to take it up again. No one takes it from me. I lay it down of my own free will. I have the right to lay it down; I also have the right to take it up again. I received this authority personally from my Father.”


Christianity in Mongolia

In the 12th and the 13th century, during the time of Genghis Khan, and Kublai Khan, the warlike emperors stretched the empire from Eastern Europe in the west to Korea in the east. Then people shivered only when they heard those names. Even today, the Mongolians are proud of these famous warriors. In the late 1800s, the Mongolia’s first missionaries were nailed to boards, thrown into wells, and force-marched across the Gobi desert. In 1921, Mongolia became a Communist country and all the Christian workers were either killed or expelled and for the next 70 years, Mongolia was isolated from the outside world. Mongolia continued to be under the Communist rule until 1990 when the people embraced atheism creating a spiritual vacuum. Today, Mongolia is a democratic country with religious freedom.

I had started praying for Mongolia, since 2013 and tried couple of times to visit. But it did not work. I did not give it up, but did not try much either, since I know there is time for everything. The Lord  opened this door in an amazing way for me to visit Mongolia in this month and thank you partners for your partnership with me in making it. How excited I was to be there, I cannot express in words.

To God be the glory.



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Orality Training report Bukavu2

South East Asia

Dear friends and partners,

“After spending some time in Antioch, Paul set out from there and traveled from place to place throughout the region of Galatia and Phrygia, strengthening all the disciples.”  (Acts 18:23)

It is my joy to share with you that God has been very faithful to me and has used me for His glory not only in Nepal, but also in the Buddhist world. Upon arrival home on the 11th January, the Thursday, from the field visits in the Midwest and the Farwest Nepal, I departed for the south on the next day, the 12th January. I am writing on my way back home, in order to thank you for your faithful prayers and sacrificial contributions toward the need of my travels.

For your information and prayers the area I visited is a land of Pagodas is a Buddhist dominated nation with 80.04 % of citizens following this faith followed by the Christians with about 8.98 % of the population. In this visit, I planned to visit city to hold a follow up training of Communication Bridges to Oral Cultures for the Grassroots Church Planters and visit the Nepalese churches in and around The local Master Trainer and I enjoyed the follow up training for the same group which we had trained in November 2017. 22 out of 30 Participants could come back for this follow up training called Communication Bridges to Oral Cultures II and is held mainly to help Choose, Memorize and Practice the Right Stories for the Right Persons in the Right Time. It is not a surprise at all that only 22 of them came back for the further training, as we understand that the story telling method may or may not equally work everywhere. But it is also the fact that many people, even the literate and educated people prefer to Learn Orally. The group represented various tribal and ethnic groups and they enjoyed the time together and I am glad that there are 2 excellent Master Trainers in this strategy.

The Bridges II trainers’ Training as mentioned above was for Grassroots Church Planters, the Other Flock, to my consideration. And I do not ignore the need for my people, the Nepalese as well. Both of these groups need encouragement and indeed I get encouraged by them when I listen to them and have fellowship with them

One of the major excitements of my visit was to learn that the young leaders among the Nepalese are praying and planning to hold a 7 Day Intensive Training for 100 selective young leaders among the Nepalese. The Lord willing, I will be sending 5 Young resource persons from Nepal to facilitate this strategic training and I will appreciate your prayers with me. The Lord willing, we will have this Strategic Training for 100 young leaders for 7 days in the month of April in order to encourage, motivate, inspire and envision the young leaders so that they would Go and Bear Fruits (John 15:16)


Walking down the crowded streets of the Roma Gypsy slum in Bulgaria, we were summoned by a frantic, middle-aged man who begged us to please come into his home and pray for his dying mother-in-law. We entered the small, impoverished, two-room dwelling, passing by the toilet, a mere open hole dug into the mud floor in the corner and then on into the bedroom.
The silence of the bedroom was interrupted by the raspy breathing of the old woman lying on the bed, as well as, the muffled sobs of her daughter who stood helplessly nearby. The blank, staring eyes of the dying woman were filmed over by years of neglected cataracts. Her hands were folded serenely on her chest, giving us a vivid impression of her impending death.
Our Turkish partner spoke in Bulgarian to the family. He asked us to join him in praying for the woman to experience God’s touch, healing and peace. As we laid hands on her to pray, the daughter’s anguish became even more evident and her cries escalated in grief. We stayed for a time to console the family and then headed to the doorway to rejoin the other members of our team waiting for us outside on
the street. As we were leaving the bedroom, we looked back at the dying woman. She suddenly sat straight up in the bed with her arms extended toward heaven and a broad smile crossed her face. Without even thinking, we lifted our hands skyward in a mirrored gesture.
We wish we knew for sure what was really going on in that moment in her life and in the unseen world, but we don’t. We do know however, that at that moment we felt a great gratitude toward God wash over us all. We were so thankful to have been included in this sacred moment, experiencing God showing up in such a dramatic way. He is truly near to the broken hearted and listens to their cries. He continues to be always faithful to His Word that says, “wherever two or three gather in my name to pray I will be in their midst.”


Young Orality Volunteers

Young people serve as volunteer gospel workers in Orality communities –
Their one on one story discipleship strategy is bearing fruit!

Jamadar narrates his tale of taking much risk to make contact with the Turi tribe. Turi is an unengaged people with a population size of two hundred thousand and they are primarily located in East India. There is no known Church Christian and no gospel tools to disciple them.

Last month on their maiden visit to make contact and collect information they were hit with hard resistance. Their desired outcome was to build relationship and trust, but they were asked to leave the village and never to come back. The young peoples gospel team did not back down, but they got down to pray and plan. They developed a strategy called “literacy service to the community” approach to make contact. And when they went in with the project the village people resisted again because they had already been sensitised by the Hind^u groups to not take any services from Christians. The village threatened them with their life and drove them out. The team members were afraid, but not disheartened. They remembered that the bible has promised suffering to those who serve Him.

The following day the gospel team went out other time to another part of the region, fearful from the experiences from the previous day. But they encouraged each other and they continued their contact work. God provided a man of peace who then accepted them into their home and became their benefactor. In the next three days that followed they developed contact with 15 villages and were able to gather enough information that will help them take further steps in engaging the Turi villages.

In the midst of intense persecution motivated by a H!nd^u  fantatic groups, the young people gospel team continues to plough forward. There is a movement nationwide mobilising and spreading awareness among the h!nd^u people of their roots and to resist christian engagement. But in the midst of all of these difficulties the work continues.

Three gospel teams of young people are presently engaged in discipleship of three unengaged groups, namely Turi, Kol and the Musl!m Sheikh. Work is in the primary phase of collecting information and partnering with local churches. There young people are on fire for God and to fulfill His mandate.

Daniel Ponraj

South Asia

I bring Greetings to you in the name of  our Lord Jesus I am sending Bridges I Training report. I  conducted on 3  – 5 July 2017 at Nalgonda, for this training 25 members attended. They were all pastors, leaders and church planters and disciples makers it was so encouraging for their work. They most concentrated on lessons 5 & 6 from our Manual. We learn to gather some leaders they shared their experience how they are working among Neighbor and gentiles it was good experience. Learning and  practicing with each other we also given the topic within the group story making & drama.

Training Impact their lives.  We explained to them about  “world  view chart”  it will be helpful for their local Churches. We did role play to help understand culture, how to build the relationship,  and prophets’ stories helped  to communicate the  strait path.

The Leaders, they came from different backgrounds after this  training they agree  storytelling helps the local church to do the unity with issues and problems and to expansion the Lord’s Kingdom.

Thank you

Rev. K

South East Asia

Journey to Central Highland

From my place to Dak Ruong and vice versa is almost 2,000 km. The mountain road is very rough. I had to change many transports. When I reached there, I felt so tired that I could not breathe.

The weather there is very hot. I could not sleep at night. First, I thought I could not do the training because of my health. But thank God for His mercy. He strengthened me and I could finish the B1 training for 47 participants in that region.

Although I was tired, I felf happy to see all the men were very active in the training. They have learned hard and promised that they will put what they have learned into practice.

A few men said that: “We never know this program before. This is the first time we learn. We see this program is very useful and suitable for our tribes. We are very interested. Please come and help us again.”

This B1 training was ended in a cordial and happy atmosphere. Thank God for everything He has done for us.


Storytelling its very simple and it effect so very much our ministry. After Bridge Training  last month we went back to our country with commitment to reach our people with the Gospel using stories and  parables as our Lord Jesus Christ did. In few days the Lord lead us to an area and we find a group of pigmy, then shared the story of the Prodigal Son. Asking them to repeat  the story almost everybody was able to repeat the same story correctly. Some guys from the group asking us to come again for the story then we ask them  if we can  make drama of it next time and they  said yes. After making drama of that story 16 people from them decided  to follow Jesus among them 8 decided to be baptized.


Man on a mission!

The Passion of a business man to win souls!

By Daniel Ponraj (Bridges Partner and Master Trainer)
When most children come home from school and head straight for the football ground, there was a seven years old boy running up to this father’s small store to help as a sales man. His father’s store was a hut that was five by four feet and sat on four wooden legs. When he was fourteen years old he took up seventy percent of the business and eventually got to run a significantly large liquor and sex business that made a huge fortune. That is how the first and only believer from the “Baniya tribe” in Deoghar region started his business career.

His dramatic conversion happened when his business partner and live-in-relationship partner became a believer. Her conversion had a profound effect on his life and Manoj invited Jesus into his heart. He gave up his trade of making liquor and sex, and became a preacher of the gospel.

Today that passion for making money has translated into winning unreached peoples for Christ. His business yesterday was to make liquor, which today is to make disciples for Jesus. He has a single purpose and that is to evangelise the “Baniya” tribe. His passion is inspiring to everyone here at our ministry “Shubh Sandesh Foundation”, No wonder we are taking tips from him on how to get “passionate for souls”. His advice to us – “make haste while the sun shines.” It reminds us of the words of Jesus,
               “We must quickly carry out the tasks assigned us by the one who sent us. The night is coming, and then no one can work.” John 9:4

Shubh Sandesh Foundation exists to make disciples of all unengaged peoples who have no access to the gospel in India and beyond.  

Central Africa

The location where the Minit people live and the fact that they have a language spoken only amongst themselves had made it difficult for the gospel to be told for them. I consider myself one of those that found the gospel due to God’s graciousness. We never find teachers from the cities to come and teach us the word of God since many here struggle with the poplar language, Amharic. It was no doubt that we all thought we needed to be from the cities and literate to become a good disciple and follower of Christ. And these thoughts do affect our view of the word of God and our culture. Now we can teach our people how much God loves, respects, and uses our culture. We can now show the community that we are all one, with the same culture. Even we didn’t have the biblical knowledge of this fact, but we have now been taught very well that it is biblical that God’s message has come to all people.

Central India

My name is Raju and I attended BFN Training. I learned how to work more among my Neighbors through storytelling. After four days training I went to my community and gathered some local leaders to explain about SIU storytelling method.  Our local leaders accepted this and they applied it to their home churches.  They saw new people adding cell groups including four this month.  I raised 25 local leaders and they each started five cell groups. After four months we multiplied to near 50 cell groups in my surrounding area. My prayer is to raise more local leaders as a storytellers because, God’s story changes many lives and families. We added many to the Lord’s Kingdom. I saw good results in my life after attending BFN training. I am so thankful to God for the material he has given me.


Partner Storytelling in an African Hospital


The main components of class time we did was composed of: The Bridges Training Videos, Group discussion times, Short lectures with chart presentation, Role Plays, Practice Sessions with dramas and we distributed Certificates to all the delegates.

All of the delegates enjoyed in this training and they are ready to build, equip, and train leaders/team, they will understand how to reach Muslim neighbors Oral culture through the storytelling method, and extend the kingdom of God. We are all ready to do God’s work mobilizing the entire body of Christ through the communication Bridges to Oral Cultures on discipleship and church planting in the power of Holy Spirit. Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. Matt 28:19, 20.


“The menja people are found both in the Kaffa zone and the Bench Maji zone. These people are different in how they look and are considered to be different from Human beings. They are not allowed to enter in to houses, no one greets them for it is believed that they have a curse upon them. As a Christian we are told to love our neighbors as ourselves. But it’s every Christians challenge to treat a Menja as a normal person. If a Menja person enters into a church he wouldn’t sit on the chair because he thinks he doesn’t deserve it, and he would just sit on the floor at the back. As a minister of God I couldn’t find any way to tell my church congregation that its ok to invite Menja people to our church, even though I had a conviction in my heart that I should also have a Menja person in my church, since we are called for all the world. Now praise be to God and God bless the brothers who brought the Bridges training all the way to our small village. The stories that are given to us are now being told at a Menja house each twice week. 20 Menja people are now hearing God’s. Sharing love and word with our Menja brothers is something I look forward to each day. It had also made me flourish with the word of God myself, since I have to study the stories before I visit my friends.


Beloved in Christ, I am very grateful to God our Father through Jesus Christ our Lord and to you that he uses during the 4-days training seminars called Bridges 1 for Neighbors, which for me was a rich blessing I learned tools to help me disciple others in Christ in my community and develop in a holistic manner. The training also created in me the desire to go to the Neighbors to communicate the will of God and His love for them.

Muslim Asian Country

From a done native English speaker

How Bible storytelling is impacting people’s lives in our country. Below is one of our testimonies:

One of our young sisters is in hospital right now. Doctors diagnosed the beginning stages of tuberculosis. In the beginning she was depressed. But then she recognized that there is a harvest and her vision changed. There are 4 more women in her ward. They are from different regions and at different ages. Our brothers and sisters regularly visit them and pray for them. One of the brothers and his wife weekly visit them and bring new story each week At the first visit the brother shared Old Testament story about Naaman’s Healing. There was one young woman from another region in the south of the country. She had diabetes and level of sugar in her blood was 20, while normal level is low then 5. That night she thought about the story of Naaman, prayed to God and asked Him to reduce the level of sugar in her blood if He is alive. Next day she had another blood test and the level of sugar in blood was 6. Another Young woman, who in the beginning was forced to hold walls to take a few steps, began to walk outside without helper. Next time our sister, shared the bible story of Jesus healing the bleeding woman. The patients liked this story and began to pray about healing. There also was one girl from Eastern part of the country. Doctors had to pump gas into her thorax to inflate her lungs. Usually, after this kind of therapy she had to lay down for the following 3 days. In couple of days after this meeting she had one more therapy. Next time she shared her joy with us: she felt no pain during therapy and laid down only for 30 minutes. The next story our brother shared was the story of Jesus healing the blind man Bartimaeus. After this story one woman asked: “What should I do?” That day 3 women invited Jesus to their lives. Next time our sister shared the story of the Prodigal Son. That day the fourth women, which did not accept Christ, also prayed and invited Jesus into her life. The Brothers and sisters shared their own testimonies with them. Those women wrote down their prayer requests and our team prayed for them.

The Father of young woman from the Southern region of our country also has diabetes. We prayed for him and now he feels better. Now he wants to have a regular meeting with us in his home. A Woman from The East of the country had broken relationships with her husband. Now her husband calls to her regularly and long for her returning. Last story they heard was about Widow of Nain. They began to read the Bible and to pray themselves.

After these meetings they feel much better. They have good appetite. They became more joyful and calm. They began to gain weight. Tomorrow 2 of them will get out of the hospital. Doctors cannot understand why they recovered so fast. They will return to their towns and wait for us to come and sharing more stories with their family and friends.

We also use telling stories in our groups, with people in our house churches. It is awesome how God works through it. We are grateful to you for this tool. We believe, we will see much more miracle through it.

field stories


Honorable friends at SIU,

I believe this email finds you all in sound health and thank you for your prayers for me, as I was away in the field for 14 days attending 6 sessions of Bridges training.  3 out of 6 sessions were organized by our Master Trainers and my role was only to attend to encourage them, upon their untiring requests. I am glad that I could make it in all 6 sessions.  As the situation is very favorable at the moment, I wanted to seize it, since we do not know what happens the next. Indeed, the government is more rigid now, and also the public demanding Nepal be reverse back into a Hindu Nation. The government authorities are not favorable towards the Christian ministries, imposing some funny rules. It seems that we will have to revise our strategies from the next fiscal year and will appreciate your prayers.

I will write more, until then, let me thank you once again for all you have been to us. May the Lord bless you.

Drama of the 10 Virgins Waiting for the Bridegroom

Kenya, Africa

email from a partner (non native English speaker)
Receive greetings in the love of our Lord Jesus.

I hope that all is well with you. We are doing well here. The very purpose of writing this brief email is to APPRECIATE you for the great work you are doing. I wish to sincerely thank you for introducing us a unique way of evangelizing to the un-reached. I have tried the method and I can tell you it is working. The attention the story telling is attracting is quite different from the other ways we have been using. We are looking forward to see the fruit of this work. and to God be the glory. May the Lord God bless you and give you the resources that you need to carry on.

I will keep updating you on how we are progressing.

Thank you.

Riberalta, Bolivia

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“The focus of this training has given us a new way of thinking and a new method of church planting”, Chiquitana Tribal leader.

A Cabileño stated, “This training has given us leaders a challenge to be creative leaders”.

Another said, “It’s beautiful that the talents the Lord has given us used in a new way.”  “This touched us here in Riberalta. It’s a challenge to us all. In many workshops the material is not useful, but here we’ve learned something useful.

“This training has equipped us in a new way to equip our own people”, said another Cabileño leader. He continued, “In 23 years of ministry, I have never been to a training like this.” “We learned about the amazing creativity of Jesus in His transmission of the Good News.”

Senegal, Africa

Comment from Bridges for Neighbors Training / non native English speaker

That Neighbors training will bless my ministry because I’m responsible for the youth. One of my prayers is to get the storytelling bible method that will help me to keep evangelize oral people in my area. Most of them are illiterate. As a tool, it will help me to develop my evangelism ministry with a clear curriculum and follow up. I can now use bible stories from Genesis to Revelation with confidence. I express my joy and my gratitude to you for equipping me with such a great tool. May God bless you and I need your prayers because the evangelism ministry is totally down in my village, I need to go back and challenge the local church for revival.


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Honorable Friends at SIU,

Greetings from a key Nepali Partner .
It has been some time, since I wrote to you and thank you for up holding me and the team in your prayers, as we have been trying to seize the moment in this smooth political situation in Nepal. In the last one month, we had 5 sessions of Bridges I and 2 sessions of Bridges for Women in the Midwest and the Far west Nepal. I have been trying to be present in all the Bridges Training and visit the field as often as possible, as it requires a regular fellowship to encourage the church planters and the leaders in the field. I am glad to inform you that my health is favorable and also the family is fine in my absence. Thank you for your fervent prayers for me.


Comments on a training:
(Non Native English speakers)
We give thanks to God for the joy that we feel because of you. Thank you for your willingness to teach us those things. We pray that God waters what you taught us for His glory for real fruits in the future. May He bless you in turn. Amen!

God the All-Mighty blesses you richly. May He give you to come back to teach us more. This training on storytelling is a powerful tool of ministry. Be blessed.

First of all I thank the Lord who had willed this training. I am really satisfied by the training we just received. I will like that such training be organized every two months. God bless you


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Santalpur village is the gateway to 300 villages with no access to the gospel in the south most region of Bihar state. Through the missionary outreach of Ruthvadi Church, the first families have been brought to faith. Kara Murmu was ill for six years from a condition that doctors could not diagnose. He was miraculously healed when the church elders prayed for him. Since then 6 more families have come to faith in the region.

Thank you for praying for the protection and the witness of the first families in Santalpur region.


3 stories from non native English speakers


I am 32 years old. I am a working woman from Punjab state. I had a privilege of participating in the Bridges for Women training program in my town last month. This training has transformed my life totally. I was challenged to reach my fellow women, who are from oral backgrounds. I went by bicycle and shared the Bible stories to these people in 37 villages. As the result of the story telling to them, 45 oral bible churches have been planted. Praise the Lord.

I am from Haryana. I am 30 years old and work in a bank. Recently, my colleagues and I, have attended the Bridges training program for three days in my town After completing the training, I went personally and shared Bible stories to 72 families in 14 villages. People were very much interested to hear the Bible stories, accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Savior and took water baptism. There were 28 oral bible churches planted in all these 14 villages. All glory to God. Amen.

Himachal Pradesh

I am 18 years old, Himachal Pradesh State, in Northwest India. I am a college going student. Recently, I have attended the Bridges for Women training program in my town for three days. This training opened my eyes. I shared the Bible stories to my friends and family members. They all heard the Bible stories and were very interested for the first time. I also went to 15 villages and shared the Bible stories to the oral people there. As a result, 30 oral bible churches were planted. Praise God.

field stories
field stories


field stories

Two Stories
non native English speakers

I came from Nigeria, a long way specifically for this training and praise God for being one of the participants. I took some storytelling with other partners, but the SIU material is one that is totally complete and more effective among Muslims. I assure you that the training will make a difference in my ministry and would like to thank you for coming so far and equipping us with such strategic and powerfully curriculum. May God bless you for your sacrifice to join us in this needy village.

I know this training will make a difference in our ministry. We waited for long time, but God knew why. Today I want to thank God for giving me the time and all participants a great opportunity to come to that level. Tomorrow we will have an evaluation meeting to go through the all material. We will decide together what will be the next step and how to use it to multiply the training to all church planters. Thank you and SIU for keeping us in your prayers and take time to come to our village . May God bless you for coming.

Northern India

Three Stories
(non native English speakers)

I am 32 years old, and bible teacher. I had a privilege of participating in the Bridges training program. After completing the training, I went to my village, shared the bible stories to my oral people and led them towards Christ.

As a result of this, 74 people accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Savior and took water baptism. There are 12 oral bible churches that have been planted. Praise the Lord.

 I am 37 years old, a schoolteacher working in a remote village. I got an invitation to participate in the Bridges for the Women training program. I took leave for 3 and ½ days and did attend the training program in all days.

This training has opened my eyes and my worldview has been changed. I took the challenge of reaching my own oral society through storytelling. I went by foot to 22 villages and shared the bible stories in 60 days. As a result of this, all of the villagers have heard the bible stories and also heard about Jesus for the first time in their lives. And 46 people have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Savior and took water baptism. There were 12 oral bible churches planted in these villages. Praise the Lord.

I am a 20 years old, working woman from Punjab state. Recently I did participate in the Bridges for Women training for 3 and ½ days in my town. I have got motivated to reach my oral people through bible stories.

 Firstly, I went village after villages and shared the bible stories to the people. Then, I went on regularly to these villages and shared more bible stories. The oral people of the villages have listened to the bible stories very eagerly and with great joy and interest.

As a result of this, 58 people have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and took water baptism. And now, there are 17 oral bible churches planted. Praise the Lord.

field stories

Central Asia

“Listen to my prayer, O God. Do not ignore my cry for help! Please listen and answer me, for I am overwhelmed by my troubles. My enemies shout at me, making loud and wicked threats. They bring trouble on me and angrily hunt me down. My heart pounds in my chest. The terror of death assaults me. Fear and trembling overwhelm me, and I can’t stop shaking. Oh, that I had the wings of a dove; then I would fly away to the quiet wilderness.” Psalm 55:1-7

A gentle breeze blowing off the vivid green-blue waters of the lake in central Asia gave us the perfect outdoor setting for our Bridges For Women meetings. The distinct tones of indigenous worship music filled the air, as the 17 Muslim background believers who had gathered began to sing. Our gathering took place on a large wooden platform or ‘Tap Chan’ that was elevated 2 feet off the ground, enclosed by intricately carved wooden dowels. In the center of the Tap Chan sat a low wooden tea table surrounded by colorful red, blue and orange diamond patterned velvet floor cushions, typical for Central Asia.

As one worship song ended, led by a beautiful and talented sister, another woman began to sing in a quiet and trembling voice. Suddenly, her song stopped and she began to gasp, grabbing her throat attempting to breathe. She let out a loud anguished scream as she flung her body onto the floor cushions. All of us that were nearby quickly jumped up and began to pray for her as she continued her loud screaming and wailing. Fear was written all over her tormented face, until the peace of God overwhelmed her and she was able to once again breathe normally.

During our next 3 days we experienced a similar situation with yet another woman in our class. As we prayed and talked with these precious believers we learned that both of these women were married to unbelievers who regularly, mercilessly beat them and their children. One sister sobbed as she told us that she had 7 children, 21 grandchildren and her husband’s brother’s families all living in her home. Her husband was a drunkard and spent all their money on alcohol. Whenever she did not have the money to buy and prepare food for the household he beat her severely. This had been going on for 36 years! She screamed and told us through muffled sobs how she had begged God to save her from this abuse, but her suffering continued day after day.

Sadly, this type of abuse is not unusual in Central Asia. The stories come from every country. You may be asking why these women don’t just leave, escape this lifestyle. Yet, single women, especially those with children, have very few options, other than prostitution, if they choose to leave a marriage. Many of these women began their marriages by being bride-kidnapped and then raped, a common practice in these regionsto this day.

It is so amazing that God’s Story addresses so beautifully even these kinds of devastating, and abusive situations. The stories of Dinah, Hagar and Tamar help to remind us that there is nothing new under the sun, as Solomon so wisely tells us. The stories of Ruth, and Mary, and the poetry of the Psalms and Song of Songs speak so clearly to us of our Bridegroom’s tender love for His Bride. Two of the sisters in the class memorized and shared with us the poetry of the Song of Songs. As they recited the verses, I looked around the group of women and saw tears slowly rolling down many of their faces.  Afterwards, my translator said to me,  “How I would love to hear my husband speak such beautiful words to me.”

Please pray for protection and strength for your sisters in Central Asia. Pray that their husbands would fall in love with Jesus.  Pray that they would follow His example of how He, as the Bridegroom, loves and honors His Bride.


I had a privilege of participating in the Bridges for Women training program recently in my city. This training has changed my worldview completely and I was challenged and motivated to reach my oral society. I went to village after village and shared the Bible stories chronically. People have listened to the Bible stories very interestingly. As a result of the storytelling, 78 women accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord personal Savior, took baptism and in turn, 15 oral bible churches have been planted. Praise the Lord!


field stories

“Gabriel discovered and immediately embraced the Bridges Oral Bible strategy. He seized the vision and boldly started visiting the royal family. He used opportunities to tell Bible stories, starting from the creation. Gaining influence, he went telling the stories of Abraham, Isaac and Joseph, which Muslims also have in the Quran. This particularly impacted one lady, who grew up with the teaching of Muslim clerics.

She struggled with the stories of the Bible and the Quran and how they did not match. She sensed a battle within herself. Gabriel continued to pray and share Bible Stories with her. She eventually decided to believe The God of the Bible and became a Christian, led by Gabriel two years later. From there, she did the rest of the job in the court, leading her 15 siblings to Christ. Actually, 45 members of the royal family are members of a Christian community!”


This is the latest message that we have received from our partner living in Kathmandu, Nepal.

“Today, I could coordinate the purchasing of the tents. On the first phase, we needed 200 tents and 200 torch lights for victim families in 3 villages where the three of us were born. We were able to only purchase 145 tents today in far west Nepal and will get the rest tomorrow as the shops in Kathmandu ran out of tents.

The villages started to ask for help once people heard about our efforts for the victims. It is hard to get in there with the relief materials. The team leaves tomorrow with the relief materials and will drive four hours and walk for a day and half with the relief materials as the road is blocked due to the quake.

We are still getting aftershocks and people seem to be fearful with trauma. I have not been able to rest after the massive quake seven days back and will appreciate more prayers.”

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